UX Designer vs UI Designer Vs Web Designer

UX Designer vs UI Designer Vs Web Designer

It is important to make a good first impression. Experts suggest that we can assess a new acquaintance within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Websites are a crucial customer entry point for both businesses and non-profits of all sizes. However, they have less time to make a good first impression. If a website’s content or layout is not appealing to them, 38 percent of visitors will leave.

It is clear that websites that are visually appealing and easy to use are the best.

These are the foundations of web design. Web design is the art of creating websites and Web designers are the people who bring this expertise to life.

Web designers have become increasingly important and complex as websites gain more importance. There are two main types of web designers today: UX (user-experience) and UI [user interface] designers.

What is the difference between a web designer and a UX designer? How do they compare? What is the difference between UX and UI web design? How does each skill fit in with web design as a whole and the job market?

What is a web designer?

The front end of a website is the area that a user can interact with and see. A web designer does this by designing it. The site’s aesthetic elements include photos, graphics, and color. It also includes experiential elements like page layouts. This includes the flow of a web page from one to another.

A web designer is not the same as a web developer. To bring a web designer’s work to life, a web developer uses technology and computer language (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap). Web developers are also responsible for other technical aspects of a website such as setting up and maintaining servers and databases. Web developers are also known as engineers in the United States.

Web designers were often trained as graphic designers in the early days of their careers. They then evolved into web designers with the advent of the digital age. The web designer has been a broad term that encompasses areas of expertise in web design such as UX design and UI.

Many large companies like Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook post job ads specifically for web designers who have a specific area of expertise. It’s not common to be hired as a UX or UI designer in a small company or startup. These types of companies might hire you as a general web developer and expect you to wear both UX/UI design hats.

What is UX a designer?

The terms UX/UI design were first used in The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman in the 1990s. UX and UI are used in all areas of design, such as flowerpots, coffee cups, and chairs. However, the tech world uses these terms mainly in relation to apps and websites.

UX web designers are responsible for creating websites that are effective and simple to use.

UX web designers research and discover what users need and want, and create a website that meets these needs seamlessly. It includes planning what steps a visitor might take to complete a task, organizing information throughout the website, and creating prototypes that UI designers could use to enhance the experience with artistic flourishes.

What is a UI designer?

The UI web designer will take the UX designer’s skeleton and add visual elements such as color, typography, and graphics to make it more interactive.

They may also choose the button’s shape, the spacing between pages, and the font size for headings. They are responsible for making every design detail as appealing and as appealing as possible, while keeping it balanced, consistent, and on-brand.


UX and UI are both related, but they are distinct. UX web design tends to be more analytical while UI web design is more focused on visual appearance.

Simply put, if you look at the design of a classic automobile such as the 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato (made in Milan), then you will see the UX/UI design.

UX designers will be focusing on transmission, horsepower, torque, speed, axles and engine, and steering column, as well as the control dials’ functions.

UI designers would focus their attention on the sapphire blue paint color and curvilinear shape of the steering wheel.

Web design, and both its specializations, is a growing field. These design categories will help you to position yourself for this rewarding career.

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