Top 4 Link Building Tactics in 2022

Top 4 Link Building Tactics in 2022

According to many search engine optimization experts, link building is one of the most important factors in order to rank a website. There are over 200+ factors that Google’s algorithm considers while ranking a website and link building is one of them. If a number of high authority websites are linking to a specific webpage or a website that indicates the relevancy and quality of the website as well as its information.

There are tons of link-building techniques. However, according to many SEO specialists, not all links are not same. A link from a high authority and reputable source to a specific page of your website can be worth hundreds or even thousands of links from other low-quality websites.

Building quality backlinks for websites has changed more than previous. Today creating backlinks is a more competitive and time-consuming process. So, you need the right approach and mindset to build the right backlinks. To help you more, we’ve created a list of the top 4 link-building tactics in 2022.

1. Guest Posting

Guest post is one of the most effective and proven approaches to link building. The method of guest posting is pretty straightforward. Many website owners have limited resources and time to create new content for their website or they love to have various authors posting on their website. You can take this advantage and create a piece of quality content or article for their website and place it on their pages.

It is, of course, that publishing post on other’s websites is not always free. Sometimes you need to pay for placing your article on their website.

2. HARO Backlinks

Help a Reporter Out or Haro is a website out there for a long time and it is often mentioned within the SEO community but underutilized.

HARO is used by journalists who want to get the latest news and scoops from the public. So, if you have a newsworthy story, you can share that on this platform and hope that it gets picked up. Basically, You are trying to make a compelling pitch that connects to your brand. When a journalist sees your “news”, they will link to your website via their outlet. Remember that media outlets are highly authoritative and will link back to your website almost every time.

3. Skyscraper Technique

Attention is always drawn to good articles. Many blogs use them as a reference point. They will receive a lot of backlinks as a result.

Skyscraper is a technique that allows you to find amazing content in your industry and make it even better. It’s simple logic: If a great article has all these links, then a better version would be even better.

Writing a long article is not enough. It is important to spend time and money on graphics, images, and promotion. It will begin to attract links once it is popular. You will need to push it initially.

4. Create a Roundup Post

Roundup posts feature articles featuring various influencers. The creator often asks the contributor a question or set of questions related to the industry. It is usually related to trends or predictions.

Roundup posts are simpler than the Skyscraper strategy, which requires you to spend a lot of money to promote them. The influencers that you feature in your article are your targets. People will often link to the article from their website as a way to brag. The theory is that the more influencers included in the post, the higher the chances of them linking back.

These questions should be considered carefully. These questions should be relevant to both potential readers as well as influencers.


Link building seems like an easy task but doing authority link building is quite a time-consuming and difficult task. Following these 4 link-building tactics you can get easy and quality backlinks for your website which will help a lot in ranking your website on SERP.

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