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Does your business have the votes of confidence that it needs from social media platforms? Increase your brand’s visibility across the web and build lasting connections with your clients and fans through the use of social media for marketing (SMM).

California SEO Agency provides social media marketing services for small businesses or enterprises as well as multi-location companies. If you are an established business or you are starting a new one we can assist you with our social media marketing strategy. Our experts will help you in executing your marketing campaign. Contact us today and allow us to help your social media marketing company increase your brand’s reputation and credibility!







Basics of Social Media Marketing

Promote Your Business Story & News on Right Platforms

Social media platforms have emerged as an important source of information and news in our modern, internet-connected world. However, this isn’t all. Social media presence is an important factor in ranking in search engine result pages and digital marketing.

Statistics show that the global population of social media users has increased to 4.57 billion and 346 million social media users joining in 2020. Additionally, Global WebIndex reveals that social media users use at least 2 hours and 24 minutes per day multi-networking over more than eight different social networks, as well as messaging apps.

With the use of social media continuing to increase exponentially, understanding how to market your business on social media is increasingly essential in reaching your targeted audience and generating brand awareness. Many marketers venture into the social media and digital marketing world without understanding the concept of the social media market and what it requires. Avoid making the same mistake.

Our social media marketing experts explain the various aspects of business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) advertising on social networks to help begin your marketing campaign. Learn more about the fundamentals of the social media aspect of marketing as well as how you can market your business on social media right from our social media marketing experts from California SEO Agency.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

A lot of people utilize social media marketing and digital marketing in the same way. They believe that implementing a variety of B2B social media marketing strategies is enough to qualify as digital marketing. But, it is important to realize that social media marketing only represents one aspect of the overall picture.

Let’s examine the differences between digital marketing as opposed to. Social media marketing to know how you can utilize these tactics for marketing for your benefit.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is one of the many components of digital marketing. It leverages various social media platforms, such as Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube, to introduce a brand, grab people’s attention and engage with prospects and customers. Social media digital marketing involves collaborating with industry influencers, posting fresh, unique content and adopting various marketing trends to convince people to take action.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term that employs both online and offline methods of digital marketing to advertise products and services as well as improve profitability.

Digital marketing involves various internet marketing tactics and channels, including SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, eCommerce optimization, email marketing, and Amazon advertising.

Do Your Business Really Need Digital & Social Media Marketing?


Yes. Digital & Social media marketing are important components of online success. Although social media and digital marketing strategies are different, the strategies for marketing have the same goal, enhance brand recognition and bring in higher revenues.

Digital marketing on social media allows you to present your business to potential customers precisely at the moment that they are most likely to make a purchase. In addition, the combination of digital and social media marketing allows you to increase the number of available customers’ touchpoints and conversion possibilities.

Remember, digital success is not only a matter of choosing between social media marketing vs digital marketing but combining the right marketing tactics to convey your brand message. Having both digital marketing and social media marketing strategies is very crucial to finding the right customers and increasing your online presence. It is very crucial to make sure that your social media marketing strategies are in line with your objectives.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has numerous benefits for companies that are both established and startups. If you have the right strategy for marketing on social media and a campaign monitoring system, the use of social media for content marketing may result in increased traffic to search engines more SEO-friendly, improved customer engagement, and better customer loyalty.

Are you still unsure about whether to invest in social media marketing? Here are the top benefits of social media marketing to facilitate your decision-making process:

Better Online Exposure

The social media industry is constantly growing and evolving and is becoming a potent online marketing tool for businesses and brands. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are able to dynamically increase the visibility and popularity of your business. By implementing a successful Social Media Marketing plan you can increase engagement as well as social signaling, including likes, shares and comments which let you interact with a wider online community..

High Search Ranking

Search engines such as Google & bing now integrate updates, Tweets, comments, profiles into their SERP pages after recognizing the importance of social media interaction. The more people share your content across social media, the more traffic they send to your site and the better your search rankings.

Specific Targeted Audience

Whatever useful and interesting your content is, it will not generate conversions if it does not reach the right audience. Social media marketing lets you identify and categorize your ideal customer according to age, gender, location and internet-related activities, among other metrics. Social Media Marketing experts identify the market you are targeting and analyze it to identify your ideal customers' online habits and develop relevant ads and content that meet their requirements.

Better Customer Reach

A study by Global Web Index shows that 54% of users use social media sites for research on products. In addition, the majority of consumers are influenced by recommendations from influencers on social media when they are looking for brands. By implementing a strong social media marketing plan, you can improve your brand's visibility and get your business in front of the most relevant customers.

Brand Control

Social media marketing services are designed to meet your specific requirements and financial capacity. It means that you’ve total control of your brand budget and strategy for content marketing. Understanding how to utilize social media for marketing allows you to develop and maintain a brand image that is attractive to your audience. You can also ensure that your B2B marketing strategy is always in top shape.

Increase Trust

Learning how to utilize social media for marketing enables you to create a thought leadership brand & create deep, meaningful connections with your followers. Social media Marketing company creates valuable content and takes part in online conversations regarding your company in order to keep track of your market. We also make use of video marketing on social media to highlight your customer testimonials as well as case studies and other material that establishes the legitimacy of your brand. These strategies are essential to increasing trust among consumers and establishing personal relationships with your fans.

Multiple Marketing Options

In addition to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram social media marketing There are many other social media marketing strategies you can utilize to market your company. They are WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Tumblr and Snapchat social media marketing. Our social media marketing company provides in-depth analysis including business reviews, audience and competitor analysis to find the most efficient and effective social media marketing strategies and platforms for your business.

Increase Profit

Social media marketing for small businesses and large businesses can be a cost-effective method to connect with your ideal customers without spending a lot of money. Different social media platforms permit you to promote your products and services for a minimal cost. One important benefit of social media marketing is that it allows you to reach a large number of potential customers across different locations without the need for additional effort or incurring additional costs.

Marketing your brand or business through social media is one of the best ways to humanize your brand and ensure your customers with an insider’s view of what’s going on in your company. Our social media marketing service will help you to get more people to advocate for your brand. Get in touch with our social media marketing firm now to learn more about how to use social media for a perfect marketing campaign.

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How to Promote on Social Media

Establish Your Brand as a Topical Authority & Industry Leader

Are you struggling to achieve the most benefit out of your social media-based marketing plan? The process of becoming a thought leader will take time and effort. However, with the help of innovative social media marketing ideas and a data-driven social media marketing business approach, you can position your brand as an expert in your niche in no time.

From selecting the most appropriate social media channels to creating your strategy for social media content marketing each step is vital in establishing the most successful social media marketing business plan. Are you ready to launch your marketing campaign on social media?

Our firm for social media marketing has put together the most effective methods to advertise your business on social media platforms efficiently. Use the following social media advertising strategies from our experienced social media marketing experts:

social media marketing service



These B2B social media marketing processes are focused on enhancing your business’s social media presence as well as achieving your brand goals.  Let us assist you in developing and implementing a solid business plan for social media marketing. Schedule a meeting with one of our social media marketing experts and let’s transform the social media advertising plans into a comprehensive plan!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) For Your Business

As the online community expands and evolves in the digital age, social media marketing campaigns and tactics must remain just one step ahead. You may be looking to increase the number of likes or followers of your company’s Facebook page or require a targeted marketing campaign to bring in more revenue and bring in new customers. Our social media marketing experts will be able to assist you.

California SEO Agency is also an agency for social media marketing with years of experience in the field of social media marketing. Our experts know how to develop and implement successful social media marketing strategies for companies of all kinds and dimensions.

Learn more about our social media clients’ case studies to find out the factors that make the social media advertising company different from other social media marketing firms:

Grocery Store


New Leads


Organic Traffic

“As a small business, I need an SEO Agency that I can trust, and who understands my business. California SEO Agency knows my business and provides an excellent service. When I phone them, they understand my query straightaway and doesn’t need to look up what my business is before he can answer.”
Home Service


New Leads


Organic Traffic

“I have been with California SEO Agency for several years with the same local SEO Expert team. They have been with me from the inception of my small company all the way through to what is now a national company trading in several cities and have been able to provide exceptional support and advise me all the way through our growth.”
solar business
Solar Panel Service


New Leads


Organic Traffic

” I recommend the way that things are presented, they listen to you, try to suggest something wich could really be what you are waiting for. Go sometimes even further to give their clients the best expected. Professionalism and wonderful places to descover that’s why you go there .”
Grow your targeted audience & increase your online engagement with a social media marketing strategy that your brand needs

Social Media Management

Enhance Customer Engagement & Brand Loyalty

Social media has created a great opportunity for businesses to engage directly with customers and gather valuable insights for brand development. With a solid value proposition and innovative social media marketing strategies executed correctly, you will connect with more customers and maintain a good online image. Social media management can assist you to accomplish this.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is an aspect of social media marketing that involves scheduling, creating and evaluating content on social networks. Social media marketing agencies make use of different tools for managing social media and platforms, including Hootsuite and Onlypult to track your social media presence as well as schedule bulk posts for your online presence.

Due to the ever-growing number of users who come across brand new companies every day on social media sites, managing social media is vital to keep in the forefront of trends. Social media management allows you to:

We believe that social media management is an ongoing process. We stay up-to-date with the most recent trends and developments in the market to maximize your brand’s potential. Our social media experts employ the latest technology for managing your social media profiles and set up your campaign management procedures to meet your particular requirements and the needs of your audience.

Keep up-to-date with the changing landscape of social media and earn more business. Contact us today and let’s start by implementing your own social media marketing campaign!

Social Media Advertising

Improve Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

For many agencies, organic reach is declining. While some of your content might get high engagement rates and other content might go completely unnoticed by your targeted audience. In addition, the algorithmic change for social media modifications has made it harder to be successful using organic marketing strategies for social media all by itself.

Aren’t seeing the results that you’d like to see from the results you want from your Facebook and Pinterest Social Media Marketing campaigns? Make sure you are maximizing your marketing efforts and increasing sales consistently starting from the beginning through social media marketing.

What is Social Media Advertising & Why is it important?

Advertising on social media is referred to as targeting social media. It involves advertising across social networks to increase your brand and generate the attention of your customers. The response could be to inquire about your product or services or to purchase your products and services, or visit your website.

Contrary to organic social media advertising that is organic, social media advertising concentrates on reaching highly targeted audience segments in order to improve the Return on Investment (ROI).

Social media advertising places your brand’s image before the appropriate people at the right date and time. This digital marketing strategy is essential in order to reach new demographics quickly.


Using Social Media Advertising

As more and more companies are adopting social media ads it is important to understand how you can use social media to promote your business and advertising to improve the opportunities for conversion. To help you understand how to use social media ads the social media marketing firm lists the main objectives of social media advertisements:

  1. Introducing your brand.
  2. Promote your services and products.
  3. Bring attention to your exceptional brand offerings like promos and events.
  4. Retarget those who are already interested.
  5. Connect online fans to your site.

The main objective of social media advertising is to attract new customers and boost your online revenues. Find the top platforms to place your ads on to earn cash and increase your revenue. Connect via our Facebook and Twitter marketing team now.

Social Media Brand Management

Connect Your Audience on Various Social Platforms
social media marketing service

Social media marketing is evolving rapidly and branding is becoming more difficult for many B2C Social media-related marketing firms. Today, just a handful of companies are able to create an interest in their customers online because of inadequate social media brand management. Don’t let this happen with your brand or business.

Social media brand management is all about consistently using the correct strategies to showcase your company’s image and interact with your followers through various social networks.

What are your most important social media marketing goals? What social media marketing strategies do you adhere to? Who are your customers you want to reach? Understanding what you can answer to those questions is essential for creating your online image and gaining your brand the recognition it deserves.

At California SEO Agency, we provide personalized social media management services in line with your target audience’s culture and image. Crowd culture or cultural branding pertains to the shared cultural perspective of your targeted customer groups. Our social media marketing agency examines your audience’s culture to find the best method to present your brand to your target audience. We:

We can help you create an appealing brand image and make more customers brand ambassadors. Contact one of our Instagram or Facebook social media marketing experts to obtain a free estimate for any project.

Build a loyal customer & fanbase to compete with your Competitors

Social Media Marketing Services

Drive More Sales With Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attract more targeted online users to your website & grow your brand visibility with our integrated SEO and Social Media Marketing service. Our Facebook and other SMM experts perform very extensive keyword research and write SEO-optimized content that addresses your customer’s search intent for better organic traffic. Not only content writing we also create blog posts, videos, infographics and other share-worthy website content to gain more social media users to click through and visit your site.


According to a report by Statista, social media PPC advertising impressions rose by 20% from year to the previous year. Gain more impressions and interest in your PPC advertisements with Our Social media PPC advertisements. We will identify your ideal market, pinpoint the top-performing keywords, implement sponsored updates, and make use of appealing images, videos, and captions to improve the return on investment (ROI) across all social advertising channels.

Website Design and Development

Run consistent website branding and showcase your social media reviews on your website to build social proof and improve a positive impression on your brand or business. Our Pinterest and Instagram marketing and experienced social media marketing experts use social media listening tools to gather new business ideas and identify the areas of improvement for your overall branding. In addition, we embedded social media elements, such as share icons & social feed on your website to direct visitors to action.

Video Marketing

Research by Limelight shows that online users spend an average of six hours and 48 minutes every week watching online videos. The craziest thing for marketers is that more than 82% of the global online traffic comes from video streaming and downloads. Increase your audience engagement & strengthen your YouTube SMM and other social media marketing efforts with social media videos that capture your audience’s interest. From tutorials to interviews and behind-the-scenes and promotional products videos our experts have got you covered everything.

Email Marketing

Improve your online reach & generate more lead conversion opportunities with California SEO Agency’s email marketing service. Our Social Media Marketing experts integrate email marketing and your SMM strategies to deliver an unbeatable customer experience. We analyze your target market, identify your potential customer's problems and then redesign emails, SMM strategies that address the client’s requirements. In addition, we show off your social media profiles in your emails for boosting your engagements.

Content Writing

From your webpage and Facebook Marketing platform to your Twitter and Linkedin marketing page, all your digital channels require compelling insightful content to convey your unique brand message. Trust your content creation to our B2B social media experts and receive high-quality content that will appeal to your target audience. We conduct thorough market research, apply your brand's voice, and create relevant content to boost your marketing success.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Don’t know where or how to start with your social media brand's reputation management? Our Social Media Marketing team works to streamline the monitoring of your brand's image across social media channels, and to interact with your fans professionally. We create strategically designed content on social media as well as encourage your top customers to leave reviews online on your preferred platforms, and deal with issues that could affect your brand's reputation.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Research shows that only around 22%of businesses are happy with their social media conversion rates. Rethink the effectiveness of your Snapchat strategy for marketing on social media and boost your conversion rate with assistance from us. Our Social media marketing service improves your landing pages for social media as well as creates powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) and tests your headlines, and makes use of various social media-related content like images and videos to boost your conversions.

Link Building

In California SEO Agency, we optimize LinkedIn social media marketing as well as various other platforms for advertising to enhance the strategies for building links. Our link building experts can optimize the effectiveness of your Pinterest strategy for marketing, develop pins that direct traffic to your site, establish a connection with your brand to specific bloggers, and then share your content via Twitter and other social media platforms to support your lead generation strategies. We also post your content to your social media platforms to get high-quality backlinks.

Get a custom solution to your social media marketing needs

Social Media Marketing Platforms

As we are moving to a digital world, traditional marketing methods are becoming more dated. As a result, many brands or businesses struggle to reach their business goal. Don’t wait until your competitors have taken over the digital realm before you level up your Twitter social media marketing game and other social media marketing advantages.

Let us help you to get into the social media market and find new conversion opportunities. Let’s learn and discover how we use different social media platforms to boost your company’s competitive advantage:

Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing on Facebook is among the most popular and cost-effective ways of marketing on the internet. Display your superior customer service and drive customers to your site by using our Facebook marketing. Our Facebook advertising agency sets the marketing budget, runs your Facebook profile, optimizes Facebook ads, cleans posts, and conducts regular Facebook optimizations to increase your reach as well as establish your brand as an authority.

Twitter Marketing

Invest in Twitter Social Media Marketing to witness your brand's popularity grow. Our dedicated Twitter advertisement agency employs tools for tracking data to monitor your performance, determine your ideal customers and develop both organic and pay-per-click Twitter marketing strategies to humanize your business and drive visitors to your store. Believe our Twitter social marketing team to create a plan of action that is in line with your goals.

Linkedin Marketing

Our dedicated Linkedin marketing team is committed to establishing your professional reputation throughout social media channels. It is obvious that the right Linkedin marketing strategy can differentiate your brand from your competitors. To make sure that your Linkedin marketing is in the right way to success, we manage your Linkedin company page, create valuable marketing posts and also implement the best Linkedin marketing practices.

Instagram Marketing

Engage with customers more frequently and build a fan base around your brand by using Instagram Social media Marketing. Our Instagram marketing experts can help you to improve your profile for business, create sponsored advertisements, share-worthy posts, pictures and content, and make use of Instagram reels, as well as Instagram story posts to convey the story of your business. Become a partner with us to refine your Instagram marketing strategy on social media using analytics.

Pinterest Marketing

Convert more visitors into customers with California SEO Agency’s Pinterest Social Media Marketing services. Our Pinterest marketing experts make sure that every pin you post is properly classified, add the text overlay onto images, write appealing, keyword-optimized descriptions, and use effective CTAs. We also monitor your Pinterest analytics to assess the performance of your pins and help you optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy.

YouTube Marketing

Study shows that more than 90% of online shoppers discover a brand or product through YouTube videos. Amp up your YouTube marketing strategy to capture your customer’s attention and compel them to take action. Our YouTube marketing experts are here to help you learn more about your targeted huge audience on Youtube. Not only to reach an audience our experts also improve your channel, create high-quality video and make your YouTube content resonate with your ideal customers.

Snapchat Marketing

The statistics show that over 238 million users use Snapchat daily for entertainment and to communicate. Engage with more potential customers and gain new followers with Snapchat Social Media Marketing. California SEO Agency provides hourly consultation to assist you in generating useful social media marketing concepts and ensure that your Snapchat marketing strategies result in positive engagement.

TikTok Marketing

Need data-driven TikTok marketing strategies and tips? Our TikTok marketing firm provides an hourly consultation with experts in social media marketing to help you make the most of TikTok for business. Fill out our proposal form, or call us at (706) 456-4188. To find out more about the best ways to utilize TikTok to market your business via social media.

Why Choose Us As Social Media Marketing

Get New Connection & Strengthen Your Competitive Edge

As a prestigious social media marketing agency, California SEO Agency maintains total transparency to allow you to observe how our efforts are boosting your revenue online. Our commitment to a successful marketing and management of social media strategies makes us a great network for your needs in online marketing.

Join our agency for social media marketing and reap the following advantages:

Dedicated Experts

We at California SEO Agency, assign specific strategists based on the demands and your industry and your needs of your social media marketing and objectives. This means that you can have multiple experts in digital marketing who are working on your company's brand. Account managers who are dedicated to your account are available by phone or email to answer your concerns or to engage in conversations.

Extensive Onboarding Process

Our social media marketing specialists will provide you with a thorough social media marketing strategy outline at the beginning of your campaign. This will let you be aware of the strategies we'll employ to reach your objectives. In addition, we determine your campaign's metrics prior to the beginning of your campaign to ensure that we're on the same level.

Custom Social Media Marketing Strategy

Enhance your engagement on social media and your marketing strategies with an effective & customized social media marketing plan to meet your requirements and budget. Our social media marketing experts pinpoint your audience's needs to design successful online marketing strategies which result in a greater return on investment. We use data tracking and analytics tools to optimize your strategies and to target specific keywords and topics that are relevant to your business.

Campaign Reports

Our in-depth, custom-designed report measures include reports on your social media campaign that provide a comprehensive report of your social media's performance. We also offer a monthly breakdown of the social media tasks that we’ve performed and spend time to help you monitor your ROI.

Paid and Organic Team

We ensure that our clients get matched to experts in their field. Our team is composed of paid and organic strategists with years of experience and expertise, so you can sleep secure knowing that your campaign will be carefully managed. While organic and paid are two distinct aspects of marketing on social media We employ a coordinated strategy to increase the conversions you get from social media marketing.

Diverse Marketing Experience

California SEO Agency has experience across a variety of markets, including B2B as well as B2C in all sizes. If you are a start-up or enterprise, or even an organization with multiple locations Our social media marketing company is determined to go over and beyond what you expect. We will give your company an effective presence on social media and an online reputation through continuous research, monitoring, and adapting to the latest trends and online resources.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on SMM

It’s true that the world is now social. In fact, 30% of all time (and counting) spent online is dedicated to social networks. If you’re looking to be noticed by people, then social media is the best way to go about it. If you’re looking to increase brand recognition, sponsored content or a mix of both, we’re here to assist!

The correct answer is, it depends. While Facebook is an excellent starting point, we would like to meet every client in a more personal way. Since every brand is different, the decision of the best platform(s) to focus your time on depends on the factors where your audience is located, the products or services your company provides, as well as the goals you want to accomplish.

It all depends on the platform since each social platform has specific parameters that must be followed in order to utilize the platform in a more efficient manner. The frequency of posting as well as the duration of posting are different for each social platform. An experienced social media manager will be aware of the best methods. If you manage your social media on your own, think about conducting some research on the frequency and length of your posts, as well as the right time to publish your content.

Spamming and using multiple profiles on different platforms, and having no interaction with your audience are a few of the behaviors you should avoid. Certain actions can create confusion, while others can cause your followers to unfollow you completely and/or be able to report you.

Yes, Social Media Marketing is required for all businesses whether it is large or small. Small businesses tend to focus on customers who are individuals and create an online community. The social media channels are perfect to do this since you can interact with customers and keep them engaged one-on-one as well as in groups. You can increase brand awareness and maintain customer loyalty by engaging your customers.

Spamming and using multiple profiles on different platforms, and having no interaction with your audience are a few of the behaviors you should avoid. Certain actions can create confusion, while others can cause your followers to unfollow you completely and/or be able to report you.

The amount of traffic each month will vary. It depends on 1) How effective your campaign is 2) your advertising budget. The more budget you have the more your traffic will be.

The amount you spend on social media ads is based on the budget you have available. This isn’t an extremely costly advertising option, however, the more you invest in it, the more benefits and see results. You must design your social media advertising budget to be in line with the limitations of the platform, too.

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