Local Search Engine Optimization

Enhance Your Online Visibility Within Your Target Location

A study shows that approximately 93% of US consumers search for local businesses online and about 88% of local mobile searches result in a store visit or phone call within 24 hours. So, Do you know how important it is for your business?

California SEO Agency offers effective & extensive conversion-driven local SEO service to ensure that your business can be found on Search Engine Ranking Page and you can achieve revenue growth.







What Is Local SEO?

Dominate Your Niche with Strong Local SEO Marketing

There are millions of customers who are looking for local businesses every day and approximately 84% of probability requires digital capabilities to facilitate brand transactions. So without a local business SEO presence, you may miss out on valuable leads, traffic & sales opportunities.

What do we mean by local search optimization?

Local Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the local search visibility of small & medium businesses, multiple-location businesses within a geographic area.

Traditional SEO, focuses on promoting the brand’s searchability on a national or global scale. On the other hand local Search Engine Optimization targets “near my” and geo-specific search queries. The goal of local SEO is to promote your business or brand beyond your storefront & make your business more accessible in the local online community.

Two Important things about Local SEO

What are the local SEO ranking factors?

Search Engine especially google looks at various factors to determine local Search Engine rankings. Those are

How is Local SEO implemented?

For local SEO various local digital marketing tactics are applied for better ranking. These include:

It is very crucial to understand local search engine optimization and how to use it in case you want to compete with other service providers in your local area. Start your local Search Engine Optimization today & get position your brand in front of your targeted audience group.

Thinking about how you can handle both business customers and SEO? Don’t worry! SEO agencies provide the best services & can answer all of your questions. In California, we are experts in this industry. We provide a result-oriented local SEO service that will bring you the maximum ROI.

Invest in Best Local Business SEO & Boost Your Revenue

California SEO agency is one of the best local SEO service providers based in California. We provide our extensive local SEO service all over California. We understand how local SEO is essential for small & medium-sized businesses to reach their goal. That’s why we are here to help you with our comprehensive SEO service.

As your dedicated local SEO agency, we not only run local SEO strategies but also provide local business SEO reports that let you know how your business growing. Our expert also explains to you & your team what is local SEO how we implement it. We do this because we believe that keeping both of us on track will help a lot to business growth. We create a local SEO checklist that outlines each local SEO strategy included in your packages.

It is not a matter of fact that how many business locations you have across the state or country, we will help your business to achieve a higher ranking in your local SEO search engines.


Why Local SEO Is Very Important for Your Business

In today’s world, everything is very competitive. SEO & business marketing is not an exception. Investing in the best local SEO service could mean the difference between a growing business and a failing business.


A MarketingSherpa study assessed which type of search has the greatest impact on the brand’s goals in marketing and found that nearly 54% of respondents think that local searches as having the highest positive effect on their digital marketing campaigns.

The rise of digital technology has forced companies regardless of size to put all the efforts of local SEO. Local SEO for small-size businesses as well as multi-location businesses is an essential strategy to attract qualified leads and turn these leads into sales. If you’re not using an effective local SEO strategy implemented, you may be doing more harm to your company than you think.

Need to know more about what local SEO can do for you?

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We Run Local SEO Campaign With Positive Results.

Since its beginning, the California SEO Agency has been active in developing SEO local solutions to help companies achieve their ideal local market position. Our unique method of local SEO for small and multi-location companies has been the source of many customer success.

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“As a small business, I need an SEO Agency that I can trust, and who understands my business. California SEO Agency knows my business and provides an excellent service. When I phone them, they understand my query straightaway and doesn’t need to look up what my business is before he can answer.”
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“I have been with California SEO Agency for several years with the same local SEO Expert team. They have been with me from the inception of my small company all the way through to what is now a national company trading in several cities and have been able to provide exceptional support and advise me all the way through our growth.”
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” I recommend the way that things are presented, they listen to you, try to suggest something wich could really be what you are waiting for. Go sometimes even further to give their clients the best expected. Professionalism and wonderful places to descover that’s why you go there .”

Since its beginning, the California SEO Agency has been active in developing SEO local solutions to help companies achieve their ideal local market position. Our unique method of local SEO for small and multi-location companies has been the source of many customer success.

At California SEO Agency, Our experts try their level best to be the best SEO company and their efforts paid off throughout the years.

Why GMB is a Big Part of Local SEO

Google My Business or GMB is now called Google Business Profile which is a free marketing tool provided by Google that allows marketers to manage how their brand information is presented on Google Search as well as Google Maps.

Google My Business optimization is a very crucial aspect of local SEO marketing. Google Business Profile page works as one of the local SEO ranking factors that dictate your business success. By claiming your Google My Business listing, you allow the search engines to verify your brand’s authority and existence.

There are some other reasons why you need to set up Google My Business Profile and optimize it for your local SEO marketing.


Google My Business SEO is one of the most reliable ways to help your company build credibility and drive traffic to your site. Make use of the Google My Business optimization service and encourage more people to browse your store online and your physical store.

Our Local SEO Services

Dominate Your Local Market With Best Local SEO Service

Local SEO Audit

At California SEO agency we perform a thorough local SEO audit to determine current local SEO ranking, gain actionable insights & build a local SEO checklist. We review the quality of NAP visibility and find out the geographical location as well as the service area of your business and also review for your Google My Business listing. Not only that we also run an in-depth analysis on review, landing page, local citation, competitors benchmarking & organic links as well as penalty analysis.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Expand your local reach and attract your targeted audience group with a strategic local SEO marketing service. We perform very extensive keyword research & analysis to identify geo-specific, industry-related keywords & organize them by search intent. Once our experts figured out the search terms, we make a local SEO guide to assist you in developing locally themed website content. Our local SEO consultant also provides you with a keyword ranking report which you can check at any time to monitor your ranking.

Google My Business SEO

Manage your Google Business Profile or GMB locations to ensure your brand or business information is complete and up-to-date with the help of our Google My Business experts. We not only help you to manage but also help you to optimize GNB SEO as well as Bing & Yahoo Local Optimization. We ensure that these business profiles take over the same business name & brand identity and are optimized for your targeted location or area. Our experts audit business information and optimized it the best way possible.

eCommerce SEO

A recent study shows that around 50% of customers conduct searches using mobile to purchase a product. Find the best local SEO agency that makes your brand visible to modern customers in your area. The California SEO Agency can claim and optimize your business's profile on Google My Business locations, employs geo-targeted keywords and geo-targeted content creates local business citations and manages the online reviews you leave.

On-Page SEO

Is your business website optimized for your targeted location? Our local SEO service covers on-page optimization to ensure your site ranks high in your service areas. We optimize your homepage, metadata, images, with geo-targeted keywords, city industry pages, set up social media signals & implement the best local SEO practices throughout your web pages. Our SEO experts also implement schema markups to your web pages to make it easier for search engines to understand what the page is offering and its location.

Franchise SEO

Do you have a business that has several locations throughout the state or the city? You can ensure the consistency of your brand and its success across all your locations by using our Local SEO services. We will list your various Google My Business locations in the top directories for your business, improve your local citations and use local keywords and also promote local reviews of your franchise on your website as well as the social networks you have. We strike a balance between local landing pages & corporate websites to increase site visits & conversion.

Link Building

Invest in affordable local SEO service and increase your digital footprint. As one of the top SEO companies, we ensure search engines find an accurate representation of your business across the web. Our expert team create landing pages, build local SEO citation, leverage keyword with high domain relevancy & run an email outreach campaign. Following GMB SEO and link building strategies are our best practice. We do link building that delivers the most value to your business.

Content Writing

Creating & Publishing engaging local SEO content is very important to increase audience engagement. Our local SEO experts are experienced content specialists and industry leaders who work closely together to create useful content to attract more customers. We create enticing, relevant titles & produce unique and creative content to drive more traffic to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Let our California SEO Agency’s local SEO team manage your local business SEO service and gain a better local ranking. If you need assistance in the creation of city and service pages, enhancing your site's mobile-friendliness or finishing your local SEO checklist Our local search engine optimization firm can assist you. We use a specific local optimization process to increase the number of quality phone calls for sales to your location and boost your conversion rates month-to-month (MoM).

How Local SEO Services Drives Lead Generation

There are many elements involved in the creation and execution of an effective marketing strategy that includes lead generation, as well as local search services. Lead Generation is considered the lifeblood of your company. If you don’t have a constant flow of leads that are qualified your company will be unable to increase sales and grow. Local SEO, on the contrary, acts as a funnel that drives prospects into your websites.

Local business SEO services, such as local citations service & Google My Business optimization service, complement your lead generation efforts by increasing your brand awareness and driving organic traffic to your website. The more people from your area can view your website, the greater the chance of getting clicks and turning these into potential customers.


Using local Our Search Engine Optimization services to acquire leads also opens opportunities for:

Why We Are Better Than The Rest

Mastering how to do local SEO requires years of experience & training to generate profitable results. At California SEO Agency, we understand that juggling business operations while expanding local SEO citations and working on other local SEO marketing strategies could take a toll on your productivity and sanity.

Here’s what you can expect from our California SEO Agency

Affordable Local SEO Services

A study shows that 42% of consumers use search engines as their primary tools to find local business information. Make sure that your website is immediately found with our affordable local Search Engine Optimization service. Our pricing varies depending on your company’s marketing needs, annual revenue and financial capacity. Our local SEO consultant analyzes existing online presence to create a local SEO package that delivers a high ROI.

Google Analytics Reports

The local Digital Marketing agency utilizes Google Analytics to track your local SEO's performance, find issues with visibility, and provide the latest local SEO data to boost your campaign's results. We track and analyze the local organic search metrics, including web traffic, click-through rates (CTR) as well as bounce rate as well as page views and average duration of sessions. After we've analyzed all metrics and have analyzed the results, our local SEO expert organizes results from Google Analytics results to provide you with a view of the campaign's performance.

Video Summary

When working with California SEO Agency on your local SEO campaign, you will get regular detailed reports and records you can check anytime to track your local SEO effectiveness. As your dedicated local SEO specialist, we review your monthly local SEO improvements and objectives. Our local digital marketing agency provides you with a task report detailing what we have worked on. This way, you can stay up to date and changes your local search service.

Expert Consultations

The local SEO firm has regular consultations with your internal representatives to discuss your monthly campaign results and discuss any other local citations services, Google My Business optimization service, or local SEO strategies we'll need to implement. As your local SEO specialist is available via phone or email at any time in case you have anything to discuss. The more communication we can have with you the more we'll be able to meet your goals.

Local Digital Marketing Services

An experienced local SEO company know that local SEO for small businesses is just one of the many aspects of reaching your target audience. In order to effectively market and advertise you must take an integrated method of local online marketing. We at California SEO Agency, offer a range of local digital marketing solutions to enhance your marketing potential. No matter if you need Google My Business services, local citations services, PPC advertising or social media marketing Our local digital marketing agency has everything covered!

Local SEO Guide

Knowing what is local SEO can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any basic knowledge of SEO & online marketing. As a local SEO service provider, we make sure that all our clients understand the details of their local SEO campaigns. Our SEO consultant creates a thorough local study regularly to familiarize you with the different local SEO concepts.

Do you have a hard time finding the local SEO agencies in your local area? Finding the right agency as a local SEO company to manage your Google My Business services and other local digital marketing processes takes significant time and careful thinking & planning. Select us as your SEO agency and let us show you how our local SEO expert team can skyrocket your local SEO ranking and deliver positive campaign results.

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