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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Marketers often think that driving more traffic and clicks to their websites is the success of their business and this is why they spend most of their time & money on it. But they are wrong. It is just the begging. This is because generating interest is just the initial phase of SEO and Digital Marketing. The most difficult and challenging part is converting those traffic and clicks into profit. Here’s conversion rate optimization comes into the scenario.

What is CRO and Why do you need it for your business?

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing and testing your website elements, including CTA(Call To Action) buttons, content and website design to increase the percentage of site visitors who complete your targeted goal.

To define the concept of CRO, most of the time marketers use purchases as a measure of success. But the goal of CRO differs from brand to brand or business to business. Depending on business needs and marketing strategy and objectives there are multiple Conversion Rate Optimization & SEO goals that can be set for your business including:

If you’re not following the best practices for making your CRO’s goals for marketing tangible and achievable. Start by deciding what you would like to accomplish with your CRO website, know the needs of your customers and create conversion-driven marketing campaigns to get the masses to perform the desired decision.

In an addition, as you focus on improving conversion rates. It is necessary that you explore various CRO metrics that impact your optimization efforts and CRO SEO results.

What is CRO metrics?

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization metrics are benchmarks that CRO agencies track during CRO testing to identify your CRO website performance and find out the opportunities for conversion funnel optimization & conversion marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization metrics include:

Bounce Rate

It is considered as the percentage of page visitors who visit your website but are left without navigating to other web pages. The high rate of bounce is a sign that there's an issue in the Conversion Rate Optimization site. For example, knowing how to lower the bounce rate is necessary to increase website conversion rate.


An event where an online user enters a website from an external source, like paid campaign, social media post, organic search result. The more people land on your CRO site, the higher your chances to improve conversion rates.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR metric shows how many people saw your ads, organic listing or search results clicked on your site links. Click-through rate is used to measure your keyword performance & CRO marketing campaign relevance.

Pages Per Visits

This metric measures the volume of web pages a particular audience segment views on your site. Your average page per visit refers to the level of your site engagement and ability to provide useful information.

Page Loading Time

This metric show how quickly your website responds to user interaction. A recent study shows that the first five seconds of your page load time have the maximum impact on your conversion rate. To increase your conversion rate make sure to optimize your web page load time & prioritize the user experience in your web design.

Return of Investment (ROI)

What is conversion optimization, if not a growth-oriented method to boost your revenues? Your business’s ROI allows you to measure the impact of your conversion rate marketing efforts on your bottom line and re-assess your CRO marketing spending.

Lead Generation

Leads refer to online users or site visitors who showed interest in your brand offerings and are ready to move along your conversion funnel. Effective marketing campaigns for conversion rates will result in better than average lead conversion rates and long-term revenues.

Website Traffic

This metric refers to the number of online users who visit your websites. By tracking the patterns in your website traffic, you can identify the key areas of improvement for your website conversion optimization.

Exit Rate

The percentage of site visitors who leave your website from a particular page after visiting at least one other web page on the site. To improve conversion rate, you need to make sure to set a standard acceptable exit rate for your different website pages.

Cost Per Conversion (CPC)

This metric is also known as Cost Per Action. This metric indicates the price you pay to obtain a new customer. Many CRO companies enhance your customer value to improve conversion rate & reduce your total CPC over time.

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In this competitive online marketplace, conversion rate serves as the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for business growth. What is conversion optimization if not a way to maximize the effectiveness of your Conversion Rate Optimization website and turn more visitors into customers? If your website is struggling to convert traffic into leads, you are essentially losing business with each day.

If you take only a 1% marketing conversion rate and increase it to 3% and you’ve essentially tripled your leads without having to earn a single extra visitor to your website. This is the magic of conversion rates marketing from result-driven CRO companies.

So, what are you waiting for? Our CRO service will help you to generate more revenue.

California SEO Agency is one of the most established CRO companies dedicated to helping more business owners understand conversion rate marketing and its critical role in achieving online success.

Conversion Rate vs. Click-Through Rate

Marketers use both marketing conversion rate & click-through rate to measure the success of their SEO & online marketing efforts. Many people think conversion rate & click-through rate may same but these two metrics affect two different stages of the sales funnel.

Our experts on conversion rates have discussed the difference between conversion rates and, click-through rates to help improve your marketing and website efforts to increase conversions.

Conversion rate

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of online users that complete a pre definite action out of the total number of visitors. It directly impacts your business’s overall sales and revenue so it’s important to understand about it.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

To determine the conversion rate let’s learn how to calculate conversion rate. Here’s the formula of conversion rate: (total number of completed goals/ total number of website visitors)*100

What is a Good Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate varies on so many factors such as your goals and niche. The average landing page conversion rate across the online marketplace is 2.35% whereas the top 10% of companies convert at 11.45%.

Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate

CTR or click-through rate is considered as a micro-conversion or an event that correlates with your end goals. A high average CTR is a good indication that you’re doing things right.

How to Calculate CTR

To determine the click-through most of the marketers use a common formula. To calculate click-through-rate: (total click/total impressions)x100

What is a Good Click-Through Rate?

The good click-through rate is a hotly debated topic. As of October 2020, the average click-through rate in Google Ads across all industries is 3.17% on Search and 0.46% on the Google Display Network (GDN).

Still not clear? Please feel free to get in touch with us. We will clear all your doubts and give you a solid idea of conversion rate optimization & also click-through rate. Get In Rouch with our CRO consultants & let’s discuss all your CRO questions one by one.

Why Conversion Rate is Very Important For Online Success

Make Difference to Your Bottom Line

Well, You’ve gained your customers’ interest. What to do next? Believing prospects to purchase your product or take your desired action is not so easy.

A recent study shows around two-thirds or around 68% of businesses still don’t have a structured website conversion optimization strategy in place. A report by Econsultancy shows that brands spend only $1 on website conversion rate optimization for every $92 spent on customer acquisition.

This number reveals a huge gap between the amount companies spend on driving traffic & the amount spent turning that traffic into website conversions. If you don’t capitalize on website conversion optimization, you may miss out on a great opportunity to gather valuable data, maximize your website’s full potential and improve conversion rate.

On the other side, investing in Conversion Rate Optimization service allows you to:

Make Data-Driven Decisions

The simple act of having an interactive web design and creating leads and traffic is not enough to increase your sales per month and ensure long-term success. It is essential to have a solid approach to optimize your landing page to meet your goals and maximize your potential. Optimization of conversion rates from top CRO companies consists of A/B tests, heat map analysis, and user behavior assessments that allow you to identify the behavior of your customers and determine the specific web elements you must optimize in order to earn more revenues month over month (MOM) without spending too much.

Develop a Customer-Centric Mindset

One of the key factors to online success is finding a balance between pleasing both online users as well as search engine users. Research shows that 88% of internet visitors tend to not visit websites after having a negative experience. And that's the chance to boost your website's conversion rates. The positive side is the fact that conversion optimization service firms focus on the customer experience in efficiency optimization. Conversion rate experts conduct CRO tests to identify the current user issues as well as identify issues on the website and discover the right balance for keeping both search engines and users content.

Improve Conversion Rates Marketing Results

Optimization of sales funnel conversion requires a systematic approach to pinpoint marketing opportunities as well as analyze the performance and non-performance metrics, and drive high site conversions. Being unable to figure out how to improve the conversion rate can put you at a disadvantage. When you have the right conversion optimization service you can gain access to user behavior analytics tools as well as advanced software for CRO that eases data collection and analysis. By using the reports on the analytics you can create an effective marketing plan that grabs the attention of your target audience and brings them towards the top of the sales funnel.

Outpace The Competition

Your website's traffic is little if the visitors are leaving your site quickly. If you're experiencing an excessive bounce rate, your traffic isn't being converted to leads and converts. Conversion optimization services provided by an outcome-oriented CRO agency can drastically increase the value of your marketing expenditures and help to make your company stand out from your competitors. Strategies for optimizing your conversion funnel to boost your profits even when you have the same amount of website users. Conversion optimization is a potent instrument that can maximize your marketing efforts and integrates with SEO to increase lead generation, organic visitors, and conversions.

Raise Your Conversion Rate & Increase Your Revenue Over Time

The digital marketplace is plagued with misconceptions and myths which hamper the development of many business leaders. Marketing professionals who are not experienced typically view conversion optimization as an additional expense instead of a smart investment that helps move their business goals.

Many brands also face multiple problems when it comes to conversion funnel optimization, including:


If you’ve been struggling to try to convert traffic into leads, Our CRO experts will analyze the sales funnel and your user experience in order to root out any issues and eliminate anything that may cause friction to your conversion objectives.

Contact our CRO agency and learn ways to reduce bounce rates as well as improve conversion rates with proven white-hat methods for optimizing landing pages.

A CRO Company That Ensures Measurable Improvements

California SEO Agency is an established CRO firm that provides custom conversion rate optimization to hundreds of customers across the United States. Our CRO agency works with every size of business to increase the usability of websites and convert more site users into lifelong customers.

CRO audit results highlighted problems with the client’s existing call-to-action button, forms fields, as well as the overall layout of the landing page. Our team focused on fixing the issues with the structure of the site including calls to action as well as the overall strategy for optimizing landing pages to improve its performance online.

At California SEO Agency,  We make sure that our sales funnel optimization strategy is aligned with your objectives and values. Don’t fall into the trap of investing in digital marketing tools that have a low conversion rate that does not improve your website’s conversion rates. Delegate the technical tasks to our CRO firm and receive conversion rate digital marketing solutions that surpass your expectations.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

Build Your Online Trust & Communicate Your Brand Value

CRO Audit

It is essential to conduct an exhaustive CRO audit of your website and make use of heatmaps as well as Google Analytics and other tools for CRO testing to observe your website's interactions and assess if visitors are taking the actions that you want. Our CRO experts provide in-depth CRO audits as well as extensive research into conversion marketing that covers every stage in your funnel for sales including search engine intent as well as the layout and content of your landing pages. This allows us to improve your call to action as well as other elements of your website to improve conversion.

A/B Split Testing

We believe that data-driven conversion rates for digital marketing strategies are crucial for executing successful marketing campaigns. That's why our CRO agency for conversion optimization offers different CRO testing options that include A/B split testing and multivariate tests, based on your website's performance and needs online. Our testing options for A/B can range from testing a different call-to-action action to switching between different landing pages to determine the best way to go.

Google Analytics

Unlike other split testing and CRO audit tools, Google Analytics is a free service that allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of the metrics of engagement on their websites and the performance of their websites. Our CRO expert uses Google Analytics to track your behavioral metrics (including the amount of traffic to your website the bounce rate of your website, pages visited, and the average duration of sessions) as well as analyze your users' behavior and create real-time, important reports. We use Google Analytics reports to improve the SEO of your CRO and increase conversion rates.

Heatmaps Testing

Heat maps can be useful visual representations of user engagement, interest and interactions as users navigate through the CRO website. We utilize the tools of testing heat maps to identify elements on your website that are getting ignored or attracting more attention & engagement than they should. Based on the heat maps results, we make suitable changes to your call-to-action button or other images, content, website layout, and other elements of your website to ensure that your site's users aren't lost in irrelevant page elements.

Website Design & Development

Research shows that reducing the number of fields on forms and minimising them can result in up to 120% more conversions. Evidently, your web layout is an important aspect of boosting conversion rates. How your landing page's structured, the CTA button is located and where specific elements are positioned significantly impact your efforts regarding how to lower bounce rate and increase website conversion rate. To improve the functionality of your website usability, accessibility, and accessibility our CRO consultant applies web design and development best practices and prioritizes the optimization of your landing page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Reduce the rate of attrition and ensure that your website is in the conversion funnel with SEO integrated and conversion optimization. Our CRO specialist collaborates with other marketing experts to construct an effective, data-driven foundation for generating qualified leads and converting customers. We conduct necessary split testing of your website elements, including the CTA button, page content and keyword targeting. We also track user behavior analytics and prioritize creating a positive user experience to increase results and more the ability to scale.

User Behavior Analytics

Create custom landing pages that resonate with the needs of your customers' marketing and requirements and increase your conversion rates. We analyze and identify the behaviour of your users including their clicking habits, browsing and buying actions, to identify the patterns of your users and help you get more regular and new users to make a conversion. In addition, we study the variance in the proportion of converted and non-converted users per campaign, to help you with your strategic plan and decision-making process.

ADA Website Compliance

Compliance in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is vital to attract more customers and ensure the same access to your website. California SEO Agency is among the few CRO companies to provide complete ADA conforming services. We offer ADA compliance tools. ADA compliance tool comes with features like seizure-safe profile and keyboard navigation, blind user assistance and orientation adjustments created to protect the brand against ADA legal actions and guarantee an excellent experience for every user. From your call-to-action button to the content on your website we ensure that all of your website content is ADA conforming.

Content Writing

Your content should be convincing and inspire people to take action. But what happens if you aren't sure what is an effective call to action or the best way to create effective website content? Our conversion rate experts are knowledgeable in various fields and sectors of digital marketing with a conversion rate. If you're in the health or pest control industry, our content experts and online marketing experts can develop data-driven content that encourages greater online engagement and conversions on websites. Consult with our conversion optimization company to learn the best way to improve your call-to-action as well as service pages and other content on your site.

Why Choose Us For Conversion Rate Optimization

Uncover Your Business Growth Using Proven Methodologies

California SEO Agency takes pride in having more than 7 years of conversion rate optimization service. Since, 2015, our experts have been collaborating with small businesses, medium businesses, local eCommerce stores as well as multiple-location companies to increase their customer lifetime value & gain a competitive edge.

We provide the best CRO service through:

Fully-Managed Web Services

We don't just look at your conversion issues, but we employ methods of growth-driven optimization of your conversion rate to fix the issue. Our CRO company provides a wide range of services that include local SEO as well as social media marketing and internet hosting, email marketing, and numerous other services! Build a relationship with our reputable digital marketing company to swiftly solve not just the questions you have regarding conversion optimization but also any issue that you might encounter.

Conversion Optimization Service

The effectiveness of our conversion rate optimization services has been proven, however, we know that no two companies are the same. You speak to us, and our conversion optimization agency will take note of your thoughts. As with all the services we offer, we appreciate your feedback and strive to address the problems you are facing. We will also regularly review your website and data on traffic and seek out problems with conversion marketing, or solutions that may not have occurred to you.

Expert Insights

Many conversion optimization tools are available to perform an automated audit of CROs and detect the red flags of conversion rate marketing. Some are quite decent. But an automated CRO audit can’t determine if an image or heading conveys a wrong message or many other subtitles that can turn a potential customer off. These are valuable insights we can provide to our partner's agencies. Need assistance in determining what is a call to action appropriate placement on your website? Join us for a free consultation and we'll talk about your most urgent CRO concerns.

Well Rounded Approach

Successful conversion rate marketing campaigns do not just consist of SEO & Website Design solutions. Our conversion optimization company develops an all-encompassing strategy for conversion-rate digital marketing strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your site and social media platforms. We make use of CRO audits to create more publicity for your business and increase the effectiveness of your call-to-action buttons. Learn what our customers review about the high quality of our conversion rate and account management digital marketing service.

Proven Track Record of Success

California SEO Agency is a top CRO company with an ever-growing list of honours for its most customer-focused conversion optimization and online marketing solutions. We're a conversion optimization company that delivers results, but it's not all we offer. We also help you understand the details of the process we employ to make sure we're all on the same with you. Do you need expert insight for a clear answer to "What is a call to action?" or tips on how to boost conversion rates? Our conversion rate optimization expert will be able to assist you!

Ongoing CRO Audits

A recent Econsultancy report has revealed that businesses with high conversion rates employ 50% more split-testing solutions than other firms. This indicated that A/B split testing is not a one-time marketing effort. User behaviour and trends are constantly changing. To remain ahead of the competitors, your website, as well as your landing pages, needs to adjust. Our CRO agency conducts regular A/B tests and an annual CRO audit to improve the performance of your websites and marketing materials to generate more leads and more conversions. We also conduct campaigns audits on your behalf Just let us know that you require the report of a CRO and we'll create it and review your results.

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