Benefits of Local Citation For Local Business

Benefits of Local Citation For Local Business

Small-scale businesses that want to boost foot traffic or create more leads should think about including local SEO citations in their marketing strategies.

Local SEO Citation is a mention of the address, name along with the geographical coordinates, and telephone address of a local company on the web. It may be included on a tool like ‘Google My Business or on a citation-specific internet directory, like Four Square.

Why should you use local SEO citations?

Local SEO citations are the fifth most important ranking element for SEO local. In 2004 Google began to distinguish the ‘local SEO’ from the “country-level SEO” by introducing the creation of a separate ‘local search Results tab’. It has evolved throughout the years and is now in a prominent spot on the search results page.

If you’re an entrepreneur of a small-sized business category is where you need to be. SEO citations can help bring you there.

If you’re in a California state in the face of local SEO, then these are the top 10 advantages of local SEO citations to help grow your business.

1. Find more local customers

According to a recent study, 97% of those who use Google are using it to find out more information about local businesses. That’s a lot of prospective customers searching for a local service or business similar to yours. Every one of them might be a lead sale or a returning customer.

The local SEO-related citations like your company’s name address, address, and telephone number (NAP) provide the Google crawler about the geographic area where your business is located.

If a future local client conducts a search to locate a product or business that to that yours Google recognizes the search and shows its results in the search box for local searches.

Here’s another interesting stat. 46 percent of Google Searches in 2020 were connected to local services and businesses. This is nearly one in two Google searches.

2. Gain access to customers through “Buyer Intent”

“Buyer Intent” can be defined as the chance of a potential buyer purchasing something or registering for a subscription. Consider it the distinction between a window-shopper and someone who enters a shop with the intention of buying something.

Large companies typically spend millions of dollars aggregating the ‘Buyer Intent’ information, in order to adjust their offerings and services depending on what’s most likely to lead to the sale.

With local SEO the ability to get citations from local SEO, you have access to people with buyer intent and are served on a plate.

According to Nectafy 88% of users who use an online search for local information will either visit or contact the service in the coming 24 hours. That’s a number that companies will pay for.

3. It aids in building trust.

Here’s an example. You’re looking for a restaurant on the internet, and you locate a recently opened restaurant that has a stylish, attractive brand. It’s tempting to go in, but you choose to reserve an appointment first.

To you’re surprised, it appears that the number of the restaurant shown on Google is not correct, or has been changed.

What are your chances of being able to trust the location and then continue to go there?

It’s likely that you aren’t. Your customers will too when your citations are old or don’t even exist.

Local SEO citations aid the business gain credibility and trust in prospective customers’ eyes. Most people wouldn’t want to do business with a company that is not connected to the grid or seems to be the least worried about checking its credentials on the internet.

But that’s not all. It is also a signal for Google that your business is present and is functioning, as well as is legitimate. If the same citations are found often on various reputable websites that Google believes in, it takes it to be a signal of trust or signal. This can help improve your local rankings on searches.

4. More reviews. Plus many customers.

BrightLocal reveals that 87% of customers look up online reviews to decide which local businesses to connect with. Customers are prone to recommend businesses they’ve enjoyed their experience with.

The quality as well as the number of reviews that are positive can make a buyer more interested in making a purchase.

Recent citations are encouraging customers to write reviews. If you have more positive reviews, more people will be watching your business.

5. Make your way through getting on Page 1 of Google Serps

It’s never straightforward to be ranked for a highly competitive keyword on Google. However, add a particular geographical location to the phrase and suddenly it’s a ‘Local Search Query’. This makes it much easier to be ranked if you make use of local SEO references.

Let’s explain why.

“Best Plumbing Services” is a general, generic keyword that is bound to be extremely difficult to rank on Google.

However, the phrase ‘Best plumbing services in San Diego, CA’ search will result in a local search instead, which will bring up companies located in San Diego, California, and not elsewhere.

Any plumbing company located within San Diego, California with their citations in order, must be listed for this keyword.

The results are shown in what’s commonly referred to as ‘The Three-Pack Results for Local Search Box’. It’s the top three local businesses that rank for a particular query that appears on the first page of Google Search Results.

It’s hands down one of the most effective ways to be on the top of page one on Google.

Why should you compete with the billion-dollar name of a brand far away, instead of competing against your neighbor?

6. Increase visibility and traffic via other platforms

Local SEO citations aren’t solely about Google either (although Google does dominate the market with a 91% stake).

There are also other local online marketing sites that have become popular with consumers, like Yelp, Yellowpages, Apple Maps, and TripAdvisor.

If your rival is in the top position on Google local search, you may focus your efforts on smaller, yet respected platforms that command their own loyal audience.

Certain platforms let you set up targeted ads as well as enhanced listing for local consumers. You can make use of these options to boost awareness about your company or create leads.

7. Gain the benefits of the community

There’s a growing trend for consumers to shop locally as it aids local communities to foster.

If you’re a reputable local business that supports the cause of the community and purchases from other local businesses Why not display it as a part of your business’s credentials?

Local SEO citations can be a fantastic method of letting shoppers know that you’re a supporter of local businesses. This will positively reflect on your business’s reviews and will help you build lasting relationships with local consumers.

In addition, it could lead to an opportunity that is more lucrative like sponsorship opportunities for the local teams.

In the future over time, the Google algorithm will automatically detect the citations you have on these sites and will help increase your position on Google and other search engines.

8. It’s a cost-effective and high-return marketing strategy.

Local SEO may be cost-effective compared to other types of digital marketing such as SEO, Pay-per-click advertisements, or running social media marketing campaigns.

Although there aren’t any instances that we could provide to prove this theory It is an accepted truth among marketing agencies.

This makes it ideal for small-sized businesses, isn’t it? You’ll spend less time and money to gain more customers and better visibility.

9. You can gain an advantage over your rivals

Most of the technology that powers local SEO is relatively new, such as Voice Search or Google Maps. If you’re not aware, Google Maps also allows users to communicate directly with businesses.

Voice Search is slowly, but steadily, increasing in importance and recognition.

In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, more people were turning to hands-free technology for search to avoid touching surfaces with contamination. According to Perficient, 55% of those using the service are making use of Voice Search already.

How many companies are optimized for Voice search? Very few.

Local SEO citations are an excellent method to optimize your business’s voice search. If a customer is using a voice search on their mobile, asking about the location of a store or business nearby, your business will be listed in the search results.

Most likely, your competitors aren’t aware of this latest technology. Now, you’re. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain an early start and have an advantage over your competitors with local SEO.


As you’ve learned local SEO Citations can be an important factor for small businesses with only a small marketing budget. There are many advantages, and you do not want to miss the opportunity to reap these. We have reviewed a few of them in this post but the advantages of local SEO citations are more.


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