15 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies To Improve Sales

15 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies To Improve Sales

Marketers are focused on achieving high search engine rankings and driving traffic to their websites. This is a wonderful thing that almost all bloggers and businesses want. But, it is not great if traffic doesn’t convert to leads or sales.

Conversion rate optimization techniques are likely not something you thought of when you first considered setting up your website. Things are likely to be a little different now. It is not possible to convert traffic into sales by accident. You must take specific actions.

What should these actions be? Which conversion rate optimization tips work best? You don’t know where to start.

There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Those who have tried it before have used many techniques. We have been able, through their efforts and 15 proven Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to improve sales.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a technique that combines several steps to optimize landing pages and websites for better customer experiences, is also known as a set of steps. CRO is based on visitor behavior and helps increase the likelihood that visitors will take the desired actions on your website pages. This results in higher conversion rates and leads.

It is, in simpler terms, the art of turning more website visitors into leads and sales. You won’t need to spend more money to bring people to your site. Let’s look at the main elements of CRO.

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Elements of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Different businesses might have different CRO elements. Marketers often try different elements to increase conversions. Here are the most important elements of CRO to increase conversions.

Website persuasion: Visitors won’t convert if you don’t make assumptions about the design of your website. Keep up-to-date with the latest trends, use best practices in writing, and continue creating engaging content.

Conversion Research: You can always find traffic to your website. This allows you to gather valuable insights as well as conversion data. To get improvement ideas, review heat maps, survey responses, visitor recordings, web analytics, and so forth.

User Experience (UX): Conversions are largely dependent on how users experience your website. Visitors will convert easier if they can navigate your website and fill out forms. The key to conversion is user experience, no matter how stunning your website may be.

Personalization & A/B Testing: Visitors love personalized experiences. Personalization increases the likelihood of visitors becoming customers.

These four elements are the foundation of our discussion. We’ll be sharing different tips. You can test whether a particular technique works well with your audience by using A/B testing.

Before we move on to the tips and techniques for conversion optimization, let’s first examine the importance of CRO.

How To Optimize For Conversion Rate Optimization?

Your audience demographics, industry, goals, and traffic channels can all impact the conversion rate. To set goals, you can compare the conversion rates of industry leaders and your competitors.

Your website may need to be redesigned if your conversion methods don’t produce the best conversion rate.

To determine the best conversion rate optimization strategies for your business, observe user behavior. Heatmaps of user interaction with your website will show you where users are leaving the sales funnel. Make the necessary adjustments to increase conversions.

It all comes down to sales, leads, and conversions to increase return on investment. Let’s look at 15 proven conversion strategies to grow your company.

15 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies To Improve Sales

1. Use Popups Smartly

Popup conversion rates average 3.09%. This conversion rate can be increased to 10% if you use popup best practices. Popups are also very effective in converting visitors to different sites.

With delightful pop-ups and survey forms, slide-ins, nano bars, and slide-ins, businesses can target any audience that they wish. You just need to smartly trigger popups and set precise targeting rules. Exit-intent popups are generally more effective than regular overlays. Exit popups allow you to target leaving visitors by giving them one more card that will make them stay.

This can work for you if you have a good popup marketing strategy. You will get more conversions from popup alone than the rest of your list. This is how powerful popup marketing can be!

2. Reduce Unnecessary Fields

No matter if you embed a survey or a popup form on your website, the fields that are required should be kept to a minimum. Consider whether all the required fields are beneficial to your website or business. Is it possible to increase conversion rates by having visitors enter their zip code or company name?

Each field should be relevant to your business. You can remove any fields that don’t support your main goal of making sales. Visitors won’t find the form time-consuming and will respond faster.

3. For your Call-to-Action buttons, use colors that stand out

When used on the call-to-action buttons, no one color converts better than another. Colors do have a role. The trick is to choose the right color for your website so that the call-to-action button stands out from other pages. You should not use colors on your call-to-action buttons anywhere else.

Consider the effect background color has on the call-to-action button. It is the contrast, not the color that is important. It is important that the colors you choose are easily readable. It’s not possible to read yellow text on a background of white.

4. Avoid using cheesy stock photos

Stock photos are something that everyone has seen. They don’t look as professional as you might believe. Stock photos look too good for customers to relate to and they do little more than lower the credibility of a website.

Customers feel more connected to images if they can touch them as if they were in the store. A photo with real people, real products, and graphics that represent exact features are more effective than stock images.

5. Use Appropriate Call-To-Action Button Text

The call to action button text should be more than just telling visitors to click. To pique their interest, give them a teaser. Instead of just saying Sign up, Submit, Shop, or Sign up, tell them what to expect.

Don’t overcrowd the CTA button with content. You have limited space. Use action words and creativity to get visitors to take the desired action. This is a simple and effective way to grab people’s attention.

6. Add a video to your landing page

Video is a great way to increase conversions, especially if you are trying to explain a complex product to customers. A video is much easier than text and photos to explain a product. Websites can use videos to increase website conversion rates in many different ways.

Vidyard, for example, saw a substantial increase in conversions after having a video embedded on their landing page. A video that is effective must be concise (2-3 minutes maximum), clear, and precise. If it is not concise and precise, nobody will bother to watch it until the end.

7. Make Your Headline Clear

A landing page’s headline is often the first thing that visitors see. It is crucial to have a headline that converts. Every word is important, so you must wrap your entire pitch in a bold and powerful sentence.

Based on the landing page, you can use question headlines, problem-solving headlines, command/instructional headlines, etc. The key selling point should be the focus of your headlines. Even a single word can make a difference. Test different headlines to find the best one.

8. Make Urgency on Your Page

Offer visitors an incentive to act immediately. To encourage sign-ups, offer them limited-time incentives. Danish Skin Care used this strategy through exit popups in order to significantly increase leads and converts. This is a great way of reducing cart abandonment.

Many eCommerce shops use phrases like “Last 2 Items Left!” “Hurry! 10% off your order in 10 minutes 100 shoppers bought this in the last hour”, etc., near their products or in popups to create a sense of urgency.

9. Get your contact info/phone number visible

Visitors will not feel more accessible if you display your phone number in the header of your homepage than any other best practice for conversion rate optimization. Customers trust you because they feel that you are available to help with any questions or concerns.

OzScopes has made sure that every visitor to their site sees their phone number. To display contact information, you can use a slide-in or nano-bar on your website. Although you might not get many calls, it can help build trust.

10. Your CTA link should be a button and not a text

A plain text link is a call to action that can easily get lost in the text and become invisible to the reader. The button stands out and does better work. Many brands have seen an increase in conversions by using buttons.

Keep in mind, however, that different CTA buttons or texts should not be used on the same landing pages. Visitors may be distracted if you use different CTAs. So. Make sure your CTAs are consistent across the entire webpage.

11. Do not forget to use the magic word “FREE”

One website with the words “It’s Free” added to its call-to-action saw a 28% increase in conversions. Many websites have found the use of “FREE” to be a useful feature. It is time to give it a shot on your website if you have not already. You can create merch for free and host a giveaway to your subscribers.

This tactic can be tested quickly using the A/B testing module. Lead magnets are a great way to generate leads and convert them. You can give away guides and access to premium newsletters, as well as other freebies.

12. Always add value to your offer

To convert visitors, your offer must be more valuable than the amount you ask. They will be more likely to complete your purchase form or fill out your lead capture form if they understand what it means for them.

Dream Giveaway is an example of a company that uses proven best practices for website conversion to increase sales. Signing up for the newsletter is a clear benefit to visitors.

13. Use Real Testimonials

A popular tip for optimizing conversion rates is to use testimonials. However, make sure they are authentic. You can bring out your unique selling point and the benefits that you offer customers with real testimonials.

Fake testimonials are not allowed. Fake testimonials are not worth anything and can be easily detected by others. Your customers will be more likely to trust you if you use testimonials that include full names, brand photos, or customers’ photographs.

14. Show your Award Badges to Customers

Display any award your company has received proudly for all visitors. This proven strategy has been successful in increasing the credibility of many businesses.

Don’t just claim to be the best in your field. To increase trust, support them with honorable mentions, articles, and badges. This is a great way of building a loyal customer base.

15. Stand out with your Value Proposition

Conversion experts will tell you that it is crucial to have a strong value proposition for all marketing channels, including your website. It is important to know what makes you different from other websites and companies.

Your website’s unique selling point, or something that is distinctive about your product/service, will be your value proposition. This preposition should be included in your popups. Also, make sure you have a section dedicated to this topic on the relevant landing pages.


These best practices for optimizing conversion rates take into consideration relevance, clarity, and distractions. They also address anxiety and urgency. This will help you get solid results. 

These tips can be combined with A/B testing to make sure you see positive results.

Combining the right tools and techniques will allow your company to increase conversion rates.

Use the best conversion optimization software for the first step, namely popup marketing. The right combination of conversion optimization strategies can lift your business to new heights.


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