Best Affordable SEO Agency in California

10 Best Affordable SEO Agency in California

There are many choices when searching for an SEO agency that can help your business. An SEO Agency can help you increase your keyword and domain authority to reach more customers online.

There are many variables to be aware of when you’re considering SEO for your business. It is important to understand the SEO process and target the right keywords. A good SEO agency can help you choose the right approach.

Here’s a list of the Best Affordable SEO Agency in California for 2022 to help you with your search engine optimization. This list includes San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Amberd Design

Amberd Design Studio, a digital marketing and design agency in Los Angeles, is a high-quality but affordable option. Amberd Design Studio was awarded the Creative Arts Award by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. It is regarded as the best website design and development company in Los Angeles by the Chamber of Commerce.

Branding Los Angeles

Founded in 2008, Branding Los Angeles is another full-service marketing and SEO agency providing unique marketing solutions. Their service includes website design & development, logo design, social media marketing, influencer marketing, SEO campaigns, and many more.

California SEO Agency

Based in San Francisco, CA, California SEO Agency is another top-notch digital marketing agency. California SEO Agency uses the latest and proven marketing strategies to help brand outreach. Their service includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC campaign, link building, etc.


Brandastic’s mission, through SEO and Paid media advertising, creative design, and web development, is to unleash the brand potential of clients. Brandastic, a certified Web Development agency with offices in Orange County and Los Angeles, was founded in 2010. It offers content creation, technical SEO, and digital PR.

They specialize in search engine optimization and offer customized SEO campaigns for Google Ads (Facebook Ads), LinkedIn (LinkedIn), and many other platforms. They aim to improve organic SEO by using effective keyword research and linking building.

Digital Operative

Digital Operative, a digital agency located in San Diego, specializes in SEO and Paid Media Services. Their goal is to engage and reach customers through the creation and execution of a digital marketing strategy and roadmap.

Directive Consulting

The directive was founded in 2014. They work with you to make sure that your SEO marketing campaigns and SEO marketing campaigns are a success. They have extensive experience in both B2B software and B2C software. This makes them uniquely qualified to help you achieve your marketing goals. They aim to increase website traffic using proven marketing strategies.

Elevate My Brand

Elevate My Brand (EMB), a marketing agency, has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate the complex marketing process. They work with you and your team in developing tools and innovative marketing plans to reach your target audience, increase visibility, and boost your profitability. This Los Angeles-based team has years of experience in digital marketing strategy and branding.


HawkSEM, a digital marketing agency located in Los Angeles, believes that results are everything. HawkSEM assists companies to improve their SEO rankings. They also help clients with ROI-driven strategies. They provide a mix of SEO strategies to increase organic search rankings.

LayerCake Marketing

LayerCake Marketing, a digital marketing company based in Orange County, California, was founded in 2005. It focuses on increasing engagement through both online and printed marketing. They are experts in online branding, online strategy consulting, web design, application development, and online marketing (search engine optimization, social media marketing).

Seven Atoms

SevenAtoms, a San Francisco digital marketing agency, helps businesses to market their products and services online. They use cutting-edge strategies such as inbound marketing, SEO and PPC, and social media marketing. We are particularly adept at integrating these channels to achieve maximum performance.

Final Words

It all comes down to finding the right best affordable SEO agency in California for you. They will assist you in conducting an SEO audit as well as providing search engine optimization services. To attract organic traffic, all your SEO efforts should be combined with your web design. These top SEO agencies have a track record that will help you to create a strong SEO strategy for your company.

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